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By collaborating with your team from a product management perspective, we focus on the nuances that make your product special in order to drive value.

We will work together with your engineering team to perform extensive manual testing and create documentation that serves as a foundation for smooth development lifecycles and successful production releases.

Our experience in working closely with sales organizations positions us to assist your team to navigate opportunities from qualified leads to closed won.

Serving as the hub for communication and accountability, we can help bring order to the chaos if there are multiple projects running in parallel that need to be steered deftly.

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Engagements begin with a brief product due diligence (PDD) conversation.

Two days after our conversation, you can expect a customised work sample that reflects the details of our PDD.

The delivery of the work sample will coincide with a follow up discussion where each party will decide if there is a mutual fit.

We engage in three month increments for each gig.

This provides flexibility and focus.

Let's Talk

Get in touch and we will reach out to schedule a call that works best.

We can speak for fifteen minutes or half an hour for the initial introduction.

Alternatively, we are happy to send over our tailored questions to learn more about your needs to help speed up the process while respecting your time.

Thank you

Please expect a response within a day